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HP O1214 2.2GHZ 103W PROC

HP O1214 2.2GHZ 103W PROC
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HP O1214 2.2GHZ 103W PROC
Manufacturer HP
Part Number 441245-001
Condition NEW
Warranty 1 Year
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Quantity 20 available
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Quick Specifications
SKU 441245-001
Weight 1.00 lbs
441245-001 - Where Used
  • HP 1214 ML115G5 FIO Processor
  • HP ML115 G5 O1214 NHP-SATA
  • HP ML115 G5 O1214 NHP-SATA SVR
  • HP ML115G1 1210 1P SP6451EU
  • HP ML115G5 O1214 NHP-SATA Server
  • HP ML115G5 O1214 NHP-SATA SVR
  • HP ML115G5 O1214 SP8049AP Server
  • HP ML115T01 1210 NHP-SATA Rmkt
  • HP ML115T01 1214 NHP-SAS AP
  • HP ML115T01 1214 NHP-SAS AU
  • HP ML115T01 1214 NHP-SAS Server
  • HP ML115T01 1214 NHP-SAS US
  • HP ML115T01 1214 NHP-SATA AP
  • HP ML115T01 1214 NHP-SATA CN
  • HP ML115T01 1214 NHP-SATA GR
  • HP ML115T01 1214 NHP-SATA Server
  • HP ML115T01 1214 NHP-SATA US
  • HP O1214 ML115 G1 FIO
  • HP ProLiant ML115 1210 Non-Hot
  • HP ProLiant ML115 1214 Non-Hot
  • HP ProLiant ML115 3500 2.2GHz
  • HP ProLiant ML115 G5 Special
  • HP ProLiant ML115 Special Tower
  • ProLiant ML115 Base Model Tower