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Note: Image Not of Actual Product
Manufacturer HP
Part Number 447028-001
Condition NEW
List price: $104.00
Our price: $93.60
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Quick Specifications
SKU 447028-001
Weight 1.00 lbs
447028-001 - Where Used
  • ASSY
  • HP 6 TB Medical Archive
  • HP A10000CL Medical Archive Storage
  • HP A2000CL Medical Archive Combo
  • HP A2500CL Medical Archive Storage
  • HP A4000CL Medical Archive Combo
  • HP A4500CL Medical Archive Combo
  • HP A5000CL Medical Archive Storage
  • HP A6000CL Medical Archive Combo
  • HP A7500CL Medical Archive Storage
  • HP A8000CL Medical Archive Combo
  • HP B2400CL Medical Archive Combo
  • HP B3000CL Medical Archive Storage
  • HP B3600CL Medical Archive Combo
  • HP B4500CL Medical Archive Storage
  • HP DL320s 1 CTO Rmkt
  • HP DL320s 3060 A1 AP
  • HP DL320s 3060 A1 AP Rmkt Svr
  • HP DL320s 3060 A1 Rmkt
  • HP DL320s 3060 A1 Rmkt Svr
  • HP DL320s 3060 A1 US
  • HP DL320s 3060 A1 US Rmkt Svr
  • HP DL320s Configure-to-Order (CTO) Chassis
  • HP DL320s MSN Back End
  • HP DL320s X3070 1P JP103
  • HP DL320S X3070 1P JP103 SERVER
  • HP DL320s X3070 3.0TB SP-SWD2 Svr
  • HP LeftHand 10.8TB Multi-site SAN
  • HP LeftHand 12.0TB SATA SAN
  • HP LeftHand 2.4 TB SAS
  • HP LeftHand 4.5TB SATA Starter
  • HP LeftHand 5.4TB SAS Virtualization
  • HP LeftHand 6.0 TB SATA
  • HP LeftHand Multi-Site SAN 21.6TB
  • HP LeftHand NSM320S 3TB SATA & SAN/iQ SW
  • HP LeftHand P 4300 2.4TB
  • HP LeftHand P 4300 6TB
  • HP LeftHand P 4500 3.6TB
  • HP LeftHand P4500 10.8TB SAS
  • HP LeftHand P4500 5.4TB SAS
  • HP MSA2212fc w(12) 300GB SAS
  • HP MSA2212FC W(12) 300GB SAS 3TB GE KIT
  • HP P4000 10G BASE-SFP+ Upgrade
  • HP P4000 G2 10G BASE-CX4
  • HP P4000 G2 10G BASE-SFP+
  • HP P4300 G2 2.4TB SAS
  • HP P4300 G2 3.6TB SAS
  • HP P4300 G2 6TB MDL
  • HP P4300 G2 8TB MDL
  • HP P4500 G2 12TB MDL
  • HP P4500 G2 3.6TB SAS
  • HP P4500 G2 5.4TB SAS
  • HP P4500 G2 9TB MDL
  • HP ProLiant DL320s 3060 2.4GHz
  • HP ProLiant DL320s 3060 2.4GHz Dual Core Rack Serv
  • HP ProLiant DL320s 3060 2.4GHz Rack Server
  • HP ProLiant DL320s Base Model
  • HP ProLiant DL320s Base Model Server
  • HP Proliant DL320s Server
  • Lefthand Network B-2120-12000-07 Server
  • Lefthand Network B-2120-3000-07 Server
  • Lefthand Network B-2120-3600-15 Server
  • Lefthand Network B-2120-6000-07 Server
  • Lefthand Network B-2120-9000-07 Server
  • Lefthand Network NSM X 2120