HP 250 GB Hard Drive - SATA

HP 250 GB Hard Drive - SATA
Note: Image Not of Actual Product
HP 250 GB Hard Drive - SATA (SATA/300) - 3.5" Drive - Internal

As an HP Qualified Option, HP drives are designed and engineered to help manage data storage efficiently, simplify day-to-day maintenance, and ensure data is available when needed. Trust HP data storage devices so you can focus on more important matters of business.

Manufacturer HP
Part Number 391937-001
Warranty 1 Year
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Quick Specifications
SKU 391937-001
Weight 1.00 lbs
Extended Specifications
Technical InformationStorage Capacity - 250 GB
Drive PerformanceMaximum External Data Transfer Rate - 300 MB/s (2.3 Gbit/s)
Spindle Speed (rpm) - 7200
Interfaces/PortsDrive Interface - SATA
Drive Interface Standard - SATA/300
SATA Pin - 7-pin
Physical CharacteristicsDrive Type - Internal
Drive Width - 3.5"
Height - 1"
MiscellaneousCompatibility -

HP dx5150 Small Form Factor PC

391937-001 - Where Used
  • HP Compaq d290 Microtower PC
  • HP Compaq dc5100 Microtower PC
  • HP Compaq dc5100 Small Form
  • HP Compaq dc7600 Small Form
  • HP Compaq dx2100 Microtower PC
  • HP Compaq dx2180 Microtower PC
  • HP DC7600 SFF P4-630 80G
  • HP dx5150 Microtower PC
  • HP dx5150 Small Form Factor
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  • HP ML110G3 930 NHP-SATA Rmkt
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  • HP ML110G3 C2.53 NHP-SATA Rmkt
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  • HP ML110G3 G100 TV Pilot
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  • HP ML110G3 P3.0 2M NHP
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  • HP ML110G3 P3.0 SBS SP5133PT
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  • HP ML110G3 P3.0 SP5648TV Server
  • HP ML110G3 P3.0 SP5671TV Server
  • HP ML110G3 P3.0 Std SP5660TV
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  • HP ML110G3 P3.0 W2003 SP5731TV
  • HP ML110G3 P3.0 W2K3 SP4525
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