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HP flat panel monitor speaker bar (Black)

HP flat panel monitor speaker bar (Black)
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HP flat panel monitor speaker bar (Black) - Powered by connection to a USB port (5VDC at up to 500mA) - Includes the USB cable for power and a stereo audio cable
Manufacturer HP
Part Number 532112-001
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Quick Specifications
SKU 532112-001
Weight 1.00 lbs
532112-001 - Where Used
  • HP Compaq LE1911i 19-inch LCD
  • HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Monitor
  • HP Flat Panel Black Speaker
  • HP Flat Panel Speaker Bar
  • HP L1506 15-inch LCD Display
  • HP L1506v 15-inch LCD Display
  • HP L1706 17-inch LCD Display
  • HP L1706v 17-inch LCD Display
  • HP L1710 17-Inch LCD Monitor
  • HP L1755 17 IN FLAT
  • HP L1755 17-inch TFT Monitor
  • HP L1906 19-inch LCD Display
  • HP L1906i 19-inch LCD Display
  • HP L1908w 19-inch LCD Display
  • HP L1908wi 19-inch Widescreen LCD
  • HP L1940 19-inch Flat Panel
  • HP L1940 19IN FLAT PANEL
  • HP L1940t 19-inch Flat Panel
  • HP L1945w Widescreen LCD Monitor
  • HP L1945wv 19-inch Widescreen LCD
  • HP L1955 19-inch LCD Flat
  • HP L2045w 20-inch Flat Panel
  • HP L2045w CRBN LCD Monitor-NA
  • HP LE1851wt 18.5-inch LCD Monitor
  • HP LP1965 Flat Panel Monitor
  • HP LP2465 24 IN FLAT
  • HP LP2465 Flat Panel Monitor
  • HP LP3065 30 IN LCD
  • HP Promo LCD Speaker Bar
  • L1706i Flat Panel Display
  • L1740 17 inch LCD Flat
  • L1745 Flat Panel Monitor
  • L1750 Flat Panel Monitor
  • L1950 Flat Panel Monitor
  • LP2065 Flat Panel Monitor