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HPE Hardware Kit

HPE Hardware Kit
HPE Hardware Kit
Manufacturer HP
Part Number 228527-001
Warranty 1 Year
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Quick Specifications
SKU 228527-001
Weight 1.00 lbs
Product Type Hardware Kit
Brand Name HPE
Extended Specifications
MiscellaneousPackage Contents -
  • 3 x Expansion Slot Covers
  • 4 x T-15 Flathead Screws

228527-001 - Where Used
  • Compaq TaskSmart server C- special
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 2P NR2
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 NR20 ALL
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 Rack 3pk
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 Rack A/P
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 Rack AUST
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 Rack DEN
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 Rack EURO
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 Rack ITL
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 Rack JPN
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 Rack PRC
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 Rack SWI
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 Rack UK
  • DL360 Gen2 PIII1400 Rack US
  • DL380 - Gen 1 -
  • DL380 - PIII 1.0GHz APD
  • DL380 - PIII 1.0GHz France
  • DL380 - PIII 1.0GHz Germany
  • DL380 - PIII 1.0GHz Japan
  • DL380 - PIII 1.0GHz PRC
  • DL380 - PIII 1.0GHz UK
  • DL380 - PIII 1.0GHz US
  • DL380 - PIII 733MHz CTO
  • DL380 G2 P1.40GHz 512KB 256MB
  • DL380 G2 Packaged Cluster APD
  • DL380 G2 Packaged Cluster Europe
  • DL380 G2 Packaged Cluster Japan
  • DL380 G2 Packaged Cluster US
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz APD
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz Australia
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz Europe
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz France
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz Germany
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz Japan
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz PRC
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz UK
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.13GHz US
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz APD
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz Australia
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz Europe
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz France
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz Germany
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz Japan
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz PRC
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz UK
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.26GHz US
  • DL380 G2 PIII 1.40GHz US
  • DL380 G3 Packaged Cluster Config
  • DL380 G3 X2.80 Packaged Cluster
  • DL380 G3 X3.06GHz 512KB/533 1GB
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.40GHz APD
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.40GHz Australia
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.40GHz Europe
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.40GHz Japan
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.40GHz PRC
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.40GHz UK
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.40GHz US
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.80GHz APD
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.80GHz Australia
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.80GHz Europe
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.80GHz Japan
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.80GHz PRC
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.80GHz UK
  • DL380 Gen3 Xeon 2.80GHz US
  • DL380R03 X2.4 2P SP3550 Special
  • DL380R03 X2.8 2P SP3675UK
  • DL380R1 - Gen 1 -
  • DL580 Gen2 2X MP 1.40
  • DL580 Gen2 2X MP 1.60
  • DL580 Gen2 2X MP 1.9
  • DL580 Gen2 2X MP 2.0
  • DL580 Gen2 X MP 1.40
  • DL580 Gen2 X MP 1.50
  • DL590/64R01 P733-2GB, 1 GB (2P)
  • DL590/64R01 P800-4GB, 4 GB (2P)
  • HP DL380 G3 P2.40GHz 512KB
  • HP DL380 G3 X3.06GHz CN
  • HP DL380G3 X2.80GHz 512MB Rmkt
  • HP DL380G3 X3.06 512KB/533 1GBRmkt
  • HP DL380G4 X3.2 2P SP5598UK
  • HP DL380R03 X2.8 2P SP4615UK
  • HP DL380R05 E5430 2G BASE BR SVR
  • HP DL580G5 E7310 JP149 SERVER
  • HP DL580G5 E7310 SPBT0813 SERVER
  • HP DL580G5 E7330 2P SP9006AP SERVER
  • HP DL580G5 E7350 4P SP9007AP SERVER
  • HP DL580G5 E7440 2P SPJG0923 SERVER
  • HP DL580G5 E7440 2P SPJG0924 SERVER
  • HP DL580G5 E7440 4P SPJG0925 SERVER
  • HP DL580G5 E7450 4P SPJG0926 SERVER
  • HP DL580G5 X7350 4P SP6951DK SERVER
  • HP PrLiant DL380 G3 X3.06GHz
  • HP ProLiant DL380 G3 X3.06GHz
  • HP ProLiant server DL380
  • ML330T02 P1400-512KB 128MB, 40GB, ATA
  • ML330T02 P1400-512KB 128MB, SCSI
  • NAS B2000 (original version)
  • ProLiant DL320 Content Delivery Server
  • ProLiant DL360 server
  • ProLiant DL360 special server
  • ProLiant DL380 (Gen-2)
  • ProLiant DL380 Content Delivery Server
  • ProLiant DL380 G2 rack server
  • ProLiant DL380 G3 rack server
  • ProLiant DL380 G4 Special Server
  • ProLiant DL380 special server
  • ProLiant DL580 Special Server
  • ProLiant ML330 G2 tower server
  • ProLiant ML370 (Gen-4)
  • ProLiant ML370 G4 rack server
  • ProLiant ML370 G4 tower server
  • Rmkt DL380 G3 P2.40GHz 512KB
  • Rmkt DL380 G3 P2.80GHz 512KB
  • Rmkt DL380G3 X2.80GHz 512MB EU
  • Rmkt DL380G3 X3.06 512KB/533 1GB
  • SA 5i Plus Controller with
  • SA5i Plus Controller With BBWC