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HP NC375T PCI Express Quad Port Gigabit

HP NC375T PCI Express Quad Port Gigabit
HP NC375T PCI Express Quad Port Gigabit Server Adapter

The NC375T helps achieve performance scalability for consolidated server environments at an optimum price. NC375T offers four 10/100/1000T Gigabit Ethernet ports on a single card, saving valuable server I/O slots for other purposes. The NC375T is a low-profile card with both full height and half height brackets included in the kit and its x4 PCI Express interface is compatible with x4, x8, and x16 PCI slots.

Manufacturer HP
Part Number 538696-B21
Condition NEW
Warranty 1 Year
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Quantity 1 available
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Quick Specifications
SKU 538696-B21
Weight 1.00 lbs
Host Interface PCI Express
Total Number of Ports 4
Network Technology 10/100/1000Base-T
Form Factor Plug-in Card
Device Supported PC
Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports 4
Product Type Gigabit Ethernet Card
Brand Name HPE
Extended Specifications
Interfaces/PortsHost Interface - PCI Express
Total Number of Ports - 4
Network (RJ-45) - Yes
Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports - 4
Media & PerformanceTwisted Pair Cable Standard - Category 5
Network & CommunicationNetwork Technology - 10/100/1000Base-T
Physical CharacteristicsCard Height - Low-profile
Form Factor - Plug-in Card
Height - 2.7"
Width - 6.6"
MiscellaneousAdditional Information -
  • Communications Processor: NetXen NX3031
  • On-board Memory: 128 MB for PCA

Device Supported - PC
Environmentally Friendly - Yes
Environmental Certification - RoHS-6
Environmental Certification - WEEE
Environmental Certification - REACH
538696-B21 - Where Used
  • HP DL120 G7 Pluggable 4LFF
  • HP DL160 G6 CTO Rmkt
  • HP DL160 G6 E5520 Hot
  • HP DL160 G6 L5520 NHP
  • HP DL160 G6 NHP CTO
  • HP DL160 G6 X5550 Hot
  • HP DL360 G7 E5620 1P
  • HP DL360G7 130W CTO Chassis
  • HP DL360G7 E5506 1P SP1058AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5506 1P SP1063AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5506 1P SP7323SE
  • HP DL360G7 E5506 1P SP7363TV
  • HP DL360G7 E5506 SP7457GO EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5603 SP7495TV EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 Entry AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 Entry CN
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 Entry EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 Entry JP
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 Entry US
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 SP7522GO EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 SP7523GO EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 SP7544UK Svr
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 SP8203TV EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 US Svr/S-Buy
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P AZ1001
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP1057AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP1061AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP1080AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP7331TV
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP7333TV
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP7341GO
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP7383TV
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP7485EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 2P SP7324SE
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 2P SP7325SE
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 AL018A Svr
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 Base US
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 BR Svr/S-Buy
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 SP1055AP Svr
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 SP7536GO EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5630 1P SP1056AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5630 1P SP1059AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5630 1P SP7384TV
  • HP DL360G7 E5640 Base US
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base BR
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base CN
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base JP
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base US
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 BR Svr/S-Buy
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 Base AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 Base CN
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 Base EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 Base JP
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 Base US
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 SP8204TV EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 US Svr/S-Buy
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff AP
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff BR
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff CN
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff EU
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff JP
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff US
  • HP DL360G7 X5620 1P SP1132AP
  • HP DL360G7 X5650 1P SP7365TV
  • HP DL360G7 X5650 AL1003 Svr
  • HP DL360G7 X5650 AL1005 Svr
  • HP DL360G7 X5660 1P SP7400GLO
  • HP DL360G7 X5660 2P SP7399GLO
  • HP DL360G7 X5660 US Svr
  • HP DL360G7 X5670 2P SP7389
  • HP DL360G7 X5670 2P SP7398GLO
  • HP DL360G7 X5670 2P SP7401GLO
  • HP DL360G7 X5670 2P SPJP149
  • HP DL360G7 X5670 SP7595EU EU
  • HP DL360G7 X5675 US Svr/S-Buy
  • HP DL360G7L5640 SP7446UK Svr
  • HP DL360R07 X5660 US Svr/S-Buy
  • HP GO DL360G7 E5606 EU
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