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HPE Intel Xeon E5640 Quad-core (4 Core)

HPE Intel Xeon E5640 Quad-core (4 Core)
Note: Image Not of Actual Product
HPE Intel Xeon E5640 Quad-core (4 Core) 2.66 GHz Processor Upgrade - Socket B LGA-1366

The Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series automatically regulates power consumption and intelligently adjusts server performance according to application demand, maximizing both energy cost savings and performance. Based on new 32nm Intel® microarchitecture, the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series reduces energy cost over single-core servers by automatically shifting the CPU and memory into the lowest available power state, while intelligently adjusting performance to application needs.

Manufacturer HP
Part Number 594885-001
Condition NEW
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Quick Specifications
SKU 594885-001
Weight 1.00 lbs
Extended Specifications
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Technical InformationProcessor Manufacturer - Intel
Processor Core - Quad-core (4 Core)
Clock Speed - 2.66 GHz
Overclocking Speed - 2.93 GHz
QuickPath Interconnect - 5.86 GT/s
L2 Cache - 1 MB
L3 Cache - 12 MB
64-bit Processing - Yes
Process Technology - 32 nm
Processor Socket - Socket B LGA-1366
Power DescriptionInput Voltage - 1.4 V DC
Thermal Design Power - 80 W
Environmental ConditionsThermal Specification - 171.7°F (77.6°C)
Physical CharacteristicsWidth - 1.8"
Depth - 1.7"
MiscellaneousCompatibility - HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Server
594885-001 - Where Used
  • HP BL280c G6 E5640 FIO
  • HP BL2x220c G7 E5640 2x2P
  • HP BL2X220C G7 E5640 2X2P 24G SVR
  • HP BL2x220c G7 E5640 FIO
  • HP BL460c E5640 1P SP7417FR
  • HP BL460c E5640 2P SP7418FR
  • HP BL460c G6 Intel Xeon
  • HP BL460c G7 E5640 1P
  • HP BL460c G7 E5640 FIO
  • HP BL460c G7 E5640 Kit
  • HP BL460cG6 E5640 1P SP1049AP
  • HP DL180 G6 2PCI-E x8
  • HP DL180 G6 2U 8
  • HP DL180 G6 CTO Chassis
  • HP DL180 G6 PCI-X Full
  • HP DL180 G6 Rear DVD
  • HP DL180 G6 Redundant Fan
  • HP DL360 G7 E5620 1P
  • HP DL360 G7 E5640 Processor
  • HP DL360G7 130W CTO Chassis
  • HP DL360G7 E5506 1P SP1058AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5506 1P SP1063AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5506 1P SP7323SE
  • HP DL360G7 E5506 1P SP7363TV
  • HP DL360G7 E5506 SP7457GO EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5603 SP7495TV EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 Entry AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 Entry CN
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 Entry EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 Entry JP
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 Entry US
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 SP7522GO EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 SP7523GO EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 SP7544UK Svr
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 SP8203TV EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5606 US Svr/S-Buy
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P AZ1001
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP1057AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP1061AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP1080AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP7331TV
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP7333TV
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP7341GO
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP7383TV
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 1P SP7485EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 2P SP7324SE
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 2P SP7325SE
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 AL018A Svr
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 Base US
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 BR Svr/S-Buy
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 SP1055AP Svr
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 SP7536GO EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5620 SP7536GO EU SVR
  • HP DL360G7 E5630 1P SP1056AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5630 1P SP1059AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5630 1P SP7384TV
  • HP DL360G7 E5640 Base US
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base BR
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base CN
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base JP
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 Base US
  • HP DL360G7 E5645 BR Svr/S-Buy
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 Base AP
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 Base CN
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 Base EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 Base JP
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 Base US
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 SP8204TV EU
  • HP DL360G7 E5649 US Svr/S-Buy
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff AP
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff BR
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff CN
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff EU
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff JP
  • HP DL360G7 L5630 Eff US
  • HP DL360G7 X5620 1P SP1132AP
  • HP DL360G7 X5650 1P SP7365TV
  • HP DL360G7 X5650 AL1003 Svr
  • HP DL360G7 X5650 AL1005 Svr
  • HP DL360G7 X5660 1P SP7400GLO
  • HP DL360G7 X5660 2P SP7399GLO
  • HP DL360G7 X5660 US Svr
  • HP DL360G7 X5670 2P SP7389
  • HP DL360G7 X5670 2P SP7398GLO
  • HP DL360G7 X5670 2P SP7401GLO
  • HP DL360G7 X5670 2P SPJP149
  • HP DL360G7 X5670 SP7595EU EU
  • HP DL360G7 X5670 SP7595EU EU SVR
  • HP DL360G7 X5675 US Svr/S-Buy
  • HP DL360G7L5640 SP7446UK Svr
  • HP DL360R07 X5660 US Svr/S-Buy
  • HP E5502 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP E5502 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP E5503 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP E5503 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP E5504 DL180 G6 FIO
  • HP E5504 DL180 G6 FIO KIT
  • HP E5504 DL180 G6 Processor
  • HP E5504 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP E5504 SL160z G6 Rfrbd
  • HP E5504 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP E5504 SL170z G6 Rfrbd
  • HP E5506 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP E5506 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP E5520 DL180 G6 Processor
  • HP E5520 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP E5520 SL160z G6 Rmkt
  • HP E5520 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP E5540 DL180 G6 FIO
  • HP E5540 DL180 G6 FIO KIT
  • HP E5540 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP E5540 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP E5540 SL170z G6 Rfrbd
  • HP E5540 SL2x170z G6 Rmkt
  • HP E5620 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP E5620 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP E5630 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP E5640 BL2x220c G6 2P
  • HP E5640 DL160 G6 FIO
  • HP E5640 DL160 G6 Kit
  • HP E5640 DL160 G6 Processor
  • HP E5640 DL360G7 Factory Installed
  • HP E5640 DL380G7 Factory Installed
  • HP E5640 DL380G7 Processor Kit
  • HP E5640 ML/DL370 G6 Factory
  • HP E5640 ML/DL370 G6 Processor
  • HP E5640 ML330G6 Processor Kit
  • HP E5640 ML350 G6 Factory
  • HP E5640 ML350 G6 Processor
  • HP E5640 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP E5640 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP E5640 SL2x170z G6 FIO
  • HP GO DL360G7 E5606 EU
  • HP L5506 DL180 G6 FIO
  • HP L5506 DL180 G6 FIO SP KIT
  • HP L5506 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP L5506 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP L5520 DL180 G6 FIO
  • HP L5520 DL180 G6 FIO KIT
  • HP L5520 DL180 G6 Processor
  • HP L5520 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP L5520 SL160z G6 Rmkt
  • HP L5520 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP L5520 SL2x170z G6 Rmkt
  • HP L5530 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP L5530 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP L5630 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP L5630 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP L5640 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP L5640 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP ML330 G6 Intel Xeon
  • HP ProLiant BL280c G6 Configure-to-order
  • HP ProLiant BL2x220c G6 E5640
  • HP ProLiant DL180 G6 Configure-to-order
  • HP ProLiant DL180 G6 L5630
  • HP ProLiant DL180 G6 Special
  • HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Configure-to-order
  • HP ProLiant DL360 G7 E5506
  • HP ProLiant DL360 G7 E5630
  • HP ProLiant DL360 G7 E5640
  • HP ProLiant DL360 G7 X5650
  • HP ProLiant SL160z G6 2
  • HP ProLiant SL170z G6 2
  • HP ProLiant SL170z G6 Configure-to-order
  • HP ProLiant SL2x170z G6 2
  • HP ProLiant SL2x170z G6 Board
  • HP ProLiant WS460c G6 E5640
  • HP SL160z G6 Intel Xeon
  • HP SL160z G6 Phantom Node
  • HP SL170s G6 E5640 FIO
  • HP SL170s G6 E5640 Processor
  • HP SL170z G6 Intel Xeon
  • HP SL2x170z G6 Intel Xeon
  • HP TV DL360 G7 SP5640
  • HP TV DL360G7 E5649 EU
  • HP VLS12200 4Gb Gateway Base
  • HP VLS12200 4Gb Gateway Expansion
  • HP VLS9200 4Gb Node
  • HP WS460c G6 E5640 Single
  • HP X1800 G2 4.8TB SAS
  • HP X1800 G2 Network Storage
  • HP X5550 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP X5550 SL160z G6 Rfrbd
  • HP X5550 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP X5550 SL170z G6 Rfrbd
  • HP X5560 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP X5560 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP X5570 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP X5570 SL160z G6 Rmkt
  • HP X5570 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP X5570 SL170z G6 Rfrbd
  • HP X5570 SL2x170z G6 Rmkt
  • HP X5650 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP X5650 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP X5660 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP X5660 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP X5670 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP X5670 SL170z G6 FIO
  • HP X5680 SL160z G6 FIO
  • HP X5680 SL170z G6 FIO