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Note: Image Not of Actual Product
Manufacturer HP
Part Number 361382-001
Condition NEW
Warranty 1 Year
List price: $483.00
Our price: $410.55
Quantity 5 available
Quick Specifications
SKU 361382-001
Weight 1.00 lbs
361382-001 - Where Used
  • HP DL360 G4 X3.0/800 SP4660TV
  • HP DL360G4 3.0 SP4236NL Server
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 2P SP5004UK
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 2P SP5005AT
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 2P SP5061BE
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 BE SP4273
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 BT0511 Server
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 SCSI SP4277AP
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 SP4236NL Server
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 SP4237AP Server
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 SP4238AP Server
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 SP4727TV Server
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 SP5026DK Server
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 SP5068RU RUSS
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 SP5576TV Server
  • HP DL360G4 X3.0 SP5593EU Svr
  • HP DL360G4 X3.2 SP5120 Global
  • HP DL360G4 X3.2 SP5120Gbl AP
  • HP DL360G4 X3.2 SP5120Gbl US
  • HP DL360G4 X3.4 2P HTPC
  • HP DL360G4 X3.4 2P SP5621EU
  • HP DL360G4 X3.4 BP CMP
  • HP DL360G4 X3.4 BP Compute
  • HP DL360G4 X3.4 BP Front
  • HP DL360G4 X3.4 PPU OVSAM
  • HP DL360G4 X3.6 2P SP5042AT
  • HP DL360G4 X3.6 SP5029IT Server
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0 2P 4199FR
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0 2P SP4739GA
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0 SP4645TV NL
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0 W2003 4669EU
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0-1M 4668EU Server
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0-1M 4670EU Server
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0/800 2P SP4214
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0/800 2P SP4218
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0/800 SP4203 Server
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0/800 SP4203NL Server
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0/800 SP4215 Server
  • HP DL360R04 X3.0/800 SP4219 Server
  • HP DL360R04 X3.2 SP4304AP Server
  • HP DL360R04 X3.4 1P 5553NL
  • HP DL360R04 X3.4 1P 5556NL
  • HP DL360R04 X3.4 2P 5552NL
  • HP DL360R04 X3.4 2P 5554NL
  • HP DL360R04 X3.4 2P 5555NL
  • HP DL360R04 X3.4 2P SP5525GA
  • HP DL360R04 X3.4 SCSI 4207AT
  • HP DL360R04 X3.4 SCSI 4211AT
  • HP DL360R04 X3.4/800 4193NL Server
  • HP DL360R04 X3.4/800 4194NL Server
  • HP DL360R4 X3.0 1P SBC
  • HP DL360R4 X3.0 2P FR
  • HP DL360R4 X3.0 2P SBC
  • HP DL360R4 X3.0 ABN25887 Server
  • HP DL360R4 X3.0 FEDEX26635 Server
  • HP DL360R4 X3.0 GEM26440 Server
  • HP DL360R4 X3.0 SATA SP4276AP
  • HP DL360R4 X3.2 SKO503 Server
  • HP DL360R4 X3.6 DN0509 US
  • HP DL360R4 X3.6-1M SCSI PPU
  • HP Xeon 3.6GHz 1MB DL360G4
  • HP Xeon 3.6GHz 1MB Processor
  • HP Xeon 3.6GHz/800 1MB DL380G4
  • HP Xeon 3.6GHz/800-1MB DL360 G4
  • HP Xeon 3.6GHz/800-1MB DL380G4 FIO
  • Intel Xeon 2.8 DL360G4p FIO
  • Intel Xeon 3.0 DL360 G4p
  • Intel Xeon 3.0/800 2M LV
  • Intel Xeon 3.0/800-2 M LV
  • Intel Xeon 3.0GHz DL360G4p Processor
  • ProLiant DL360 G4 rack server