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DDS2 Data Cartridge

DDS2 Data Cartridge
Note: Image Not of Actual Product
DDS2 Data Cartridge
This part replaces the following part(s): TLZ07-CA
Manufacturer HP
Part Number C5707-60010
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Quick Specifications
SKU C5707-60010
Weight 1.00 lbs
C5707-60010 - Where Used
  • 32/64GB Table Top DAT
  • 32GB 4mm Loader + SW
  • 4 GB DAT Tape for AlphaPC
  • 4GB 5.25X1 DAT tape drive
  • 4GB TAPE FOR DS5900
  • 4GB TAPE FOR MV3100
  • 8GB 4mm Tape Drive 5.
  • 8GB Tape for PE400 -> PE800
  • 8GB Tape for VS4000-60 Field
  • 8GB Tape:MV3100/VAX40
  • 8GB Tape:MV3100/VAX4000-100Fl
  • D3k600S 64MB 2x1GB CD DAT OS
  • DDS-2 Autoloader Drive
  • DDS-2 Drive
  • DDS-2 Drive Module
  • DDS-3 Autoloader Drive
  • DDS-3 Drive Hot Swap Module
  • DDS-4 Autoloader Drive
  • DDS-4 Drive
  • DDS-4 Trade Ready Drive
  • DDS-5 36/72GB Media
  • DEC 3000 M900 SBB 256MB OVMS
  • HP Rmkt LC2000 933 Agilent Special
  • HP Rmkt LC2000 PIII-933 Agilent Special
  • HPSureStre 12000e Autoloadr-H Watt
  • HWP C1555D Add-on tape drive
  • NetServer E50 PII/3xx
  • NetServer E800 PIII/1000
  • NetServer LC2 PII/300
  • NetServer LH3000 PIII/800
  • NetServer LH4/LH4r PII/400
  • NetServer LPr PIII/700
  • Product Description Not Available
  • R-HP NetServer E800 PIII-1000 MOD 18 PFC
  • Smart Storage DDS-3 External Drive
  • SureStore 6000e
  • SureStore DAT24eU
  • SureStore DAT24i
  • SureStore DAT24x6e
  • SureStore DAT24x6i
  • SureStore DAT8e
  • SW 4/8GB DAT Tape Drv
  • VISUALIZE C160 UNIX Workstation
  • VISUALIZE C160L UNIX Workstation
  • VISUALIZE C180 UNIX Workstation
  • VISUALIZE C360 UNIX Workstation