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Why Was my Card Declined?

Why was my credit card declined?

A credit card transaction can be declined for several reasons. Usually, you can tell why it was declined by reading the error message. If the error message is something you do not understand, or is not listed below, call your credit (or check) card issuer and ask why the transaction was declined.

125 Declined by Fraud Services

The declined by fraud services error is a result of the BILLING address not matching with the credit card you are using. The SHIPPING address can be set to any address you like, but the BILLING address must be EXACTLY as the credit card issuer has it recorded.

Note: Make sure you are passing the street address on address line 1 of the BILLING address, and not the company name.

In regards to charges: You are NOT charged if the transaction is declined, as it did not meet the criteria for verification, e.g. wrong address. Sometimes your credit card issuer will not immediately recognize the status of the transaction as the funds verification process happens in many steps. The duration of temporarily held funds is at the sole discretion of your card provider. Alinc has no control over your financial institution's policies and cannot release those funds back to you. Most financial institutions do this within 3 days, though some allow themselves a discretionary period of up to 15 days.

You'll need to attempt your transaction again, with the corrected address and/or different credit card.

Additionally, if you would like, when ordering regular, non-discounted printed items, you can place your order over the phone at 512-535-2069.

13 Referral

Contact your card issuing bank.

12 Declined

Please check the credit card number and transaction information to make sure they are entered correctly. If this does not resolve the error, contact your credit card issuer to resolve.