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3Com Advanced Encryption Accelerator Module

3Com Advanced Encryption Accelerator Module
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The 3Com Advanced Encryption Accelerator Module supports IPSec and hardware-expedited IP packet encryption, providing encryption with high performance and reliability. Encrypted throughput ranges from 250 Mbps to 500 Mbps.
Manufacturer HP
Part Number 0231A64Q
Warranty 1 Year
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Quick Specifications
SKU 0231A64Q
Weight 1.00 lbs
Product Type Expansion Module
Brand Name HPE
Extended Specifications
Technical InformationApplication/Usage - Data Networking
MiscellaneousAdditional Information -
  • Supports IPSec and hardware-based IP packet encryption
  • Delivers high-performance and reliability without tasking router processing power
  • Encrypted throughput ranges from 250 to 500 Mbps
  • Supported keying algorithms include: DES, 3DES, AES, QC5, Blowfish, Cast-128 and SkipJack
  • Supported authentication algorithms include: HMAC-MD5-96 and HMAC-SHA-1-96

Compatibility -
  • MSR 50 Multi-Service Module
  • MSR 30-40 Multi-Service Router
  • MSR 30-60 PoE Multi-Service Router
  • MSR 30-40 PoE Multi-Service Router
  • MSR 30-20 PoE Multi-Service Router
  • MSR 30-16 Multi-Service Router
  • MSR 30-20 Multi-Service Router
  • MSR 30-16 PoE Multi-Service Router
  • MSR 30-60 Multi-Service Router
  • MSR 20-40 Multi-Service Router
  • MSR 20-21 Multi-Service Router
  • MSR 20-20 Multi-Service Router

WarrantyLimited Warranty - 1 Year
0231A64Q - Where Used
  • HP Adv Encryption Accelerator A-MSR Mod